Found this through a scam likely website.
Downloaded it for you ;).

Title: The Rapeman (or The Reipuman)
Genre: Pornography

Release Dates:
October 28th, 1994 (Japan VHS 1)
December 22nd, 2006 (Japan DVD)

Plot Summary: The main character and
"anti-hero", The Rapeman, is a high school
teacher by day and dispenses his surreal
brand of "justice" at night under the
business "Rapeman Services", which is co-run with his uncle, a former surgeon. He uses rape as his weapon. The business' motto is "Righting wrongs through penetration".

0:00 | Episode 1
Title: {Unknown}
Total Time: 26:14

26:14 | Episode 2
Title: {Unknown}
Total Time: 19:21

-sex scene in the first 2 minutes
-another sex scene at 13-17mins
-last sex scene at 39-42mins
-editing mistake at 19:50
-loud moaning
-underage girl sex

Despite all the weird shit, this is actually pretty